Cielo Farm

We are passionate about growing flavourful, nutritious food. All of our vegetables are grown from non-GMO, untreated seeds.  We are not certified but use only organic, sustainable methods.

Most of the seeds we use are heirloom varieties, which means that the strain of seed can be traced back at least 50 years. The heirloom strains offer a wide variety of vegetables that have various shapes and colours not seen in grocery stores. We do use some hybrid (cross pollinated, non-GMO) seed when the new variety looks interesting and we have tested it to make sure that the fruit is full of flavour.

We raise organic free range chickens and ducks for eggs, as well as free run organic chickens and ducks for meat. We also breed Nigerian dwarf dairy goats. We care for our animals and they are treated humanely. The laying hens and ducks are free range and are allowed to roam during the day and come into their safe places for the night.

The free range chickens that we raise for meat are a slow growth breed which means that they are raised for 18 to 20 weeks. They have a good life during that time and a large run outside where they can eat grass and other things that chickens like. Because of their slow growth and diet the meat is much more flavourful.

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